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6 Health Conditions That Be Beyond Your Chronic Back Pain

Chronic is a widespread health problem. It affects more than 80 percent of people in the United States at some point in their lives. It can be hard to manage chronic back pain on your own. People with this issue often require qualified medical help. But another problem is that back often accompanied by other health conditions. 

In some cases, underlying health conditions can be caused by back pain while sometimes they are the actual cause of backaches. Below are 6 health conditions that can be beyond your chronic back pain. 

1. Sciatica
Sciatica is an inflammation or damage of the sciatic nerve that locates in your lower back. The pain caused by sciatica usually begins in the lower back and spreads to the hips, buttocks, and legs. Sciatica typically affects only one part of the body. This condition usually affects people between the ages of 30-50. 

Sciatica home treatment includes lifestyle changes, over-the-counter medications, and the appliance of cold or hot compresses. Other treatment options include physical therapy, prescription pain medications, corticosteroid injections, and alternative treatments. In some cases, your doctor may suggest surgery to improve your wellbeing. 

2. Obesity
Obesity is one of the health issues that often contribute to chronic back pain. Your spine carries all body weight and helps it stay in the upright position. When you have excessive weight, your body experiences additional stress and wears out faster. Increased body mass index makes you more susceptible to back problems and disability from back pain. 

Moreover, obesity is a major risk factor for overall body inflammation. Inflammation makes you more vulnerable to chronic conditions that may affect joints and bones in your spine. If you have obesity, losing excess weight is crucial to ensure overall wellbeing. 

3. Depression
There is a strong link between depression and back pain. Back pain is one of the physical symptoms of depression. Depression can cause the body’s inflammatory response and trigger pain all over the body. Depression also decreases your pain tolerance so you become more sensitive to pain. 

Meanwhile, back pain can cause depression. People suffering from chronic pains and aches are more prone to mental disorders. 

4. Scoliosis
Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine. This condition often develops before puberty and tends to get worse with age. Because of poor posture, some people may develop scoliosis as adults. Children with scoliosis usually don’t experience discomfort or pain. Adults with this condition have back pain and may develop other spine conditions because of uneven weight distribution. 

If you have scoliosis, it is important to visit a back pain doctor. The specialist may suggest physical therapy and other procedures to improve your wellbeing. 

5. Paget’s disease
Paget’s disease is a type of chronic bone disorder. In a healthy person, the bones constantly break down and regrow. But if you have Paget’s disease, this process becomes abnormal. Patients experience excessive breakdown and regrowth of bone. Because of this, your bones become bigger and softer than normal. While usually, this condition goes without symptoms, some patients may experience back pain. 

6. Osteoarthritis
Osteoarthritis is a common cause of back pain and stiffness. This is a type of joint disease that is caused by degeneration of joint cartilage and underlying bone. At an early stage, this condition causes mild pain. When osteoarthritis, the symptoms get worse and may become constant. Depending on which part of your spine is affected by osteoarthritis, you may feel pain in your lower back or neck. 

There is no cure for osteoarthritis, but medications, lifestyle changes, and supportive therapies can relieve the symptoms. If conservative treatments don’t give the desired result, your doctor may suggest surgery to repair damaged joints. 


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