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8 Amazing Benefits of Installing Dental Implants

If you have gapped teeth due to tooth loss or extraction, you’re most likely already considering some options for replacing a missing tooth. Modern dentistry offers lots of ways to replace a missing tooth. And dental implants are considered to be the most efficient and beneficial solution for a gapped smile. 

Continue reading to learn the most awesome benefits of undergoing a dental implant procedure. 

1. Restore your teeth’s appearance and function 
Most people who’ve lost a tooth are often concerned that their teeth will never recover a proper function. However, dental implants are great for restoring the appearance and function of your teeth. With a help of new technologies and quality materials, a dental implant specialist can help you reattain the daily function of your teeth so you can consume food and smile without fear and anxiety.

2. Prevent bone loss
Over time your jawbone can start to deteriorate due to a lack of stimulation provided by everyday activities like chewing. Without proper stimulation, your jawbone will eventually start to break down. People wearing dental bridges or dentures may experience slipping as a result of jawbone deterioration. In severe cases, bone deterioration can require bone grafting to be treated. Connecting a dental implant to the jawbone helps provide the necessary stimulation, and aids not only in recovering daily function but also in the prevention of further bone loss.

3. Prevent your teeth from shifting
Your teeth aren’t designed just to bite and chew food. They also work to maintain each other in the correct position. When one of your teeth is missing, the neighboring healthy teeth may start to shift to close the gap. Over time, this can cause your teeth to become crooked, creating issues with smiling, and leading to abnormal bite problems. Consider visiting a dental specialist to prevent the negative effect of shifting teeth by installing a dental implant.

4. Durability
Of course, dental implants actually cost more than other treatment options like dentures and bridges. But, dental implants are also far more durable than any other alternative treatments. After installing a dental implant you won’t have to be dealing with messy adhesives required for dentures. And unlike dental bridges, dental implants won’t require you to visit a dental specialist for checkups and adjustments more frequently. 

5. Smile confidently
As you already know, dental implants are a great solution to restore your mouth function. A dental implant is firmly fastened into your jawbone, eliminating any risks of falling out. While dentures or bridges may shift in your mouth or even fall out when you speak, eat, laugh or cough, dental implants are a stable and secure option.

6. Reduce your risks of cavities 
One of the best advantages of dental implants is that an artificial tooth is immune to cavities.
But, this doesn’t immediately guarantee that eating all the sugar in the world or neglecting to brush your teeth is safe. Even if all your teeth are artificial, it’s still necessary to care for your gums to preserve your oral health and implant integrity.

7. Prevent speech changes
Your teeth are essential to help you form specific sounds, so having a gap in your upper front teeth can lead to surprising changes in your speech. Plus, loose dentures can shift in your mouth while you speak, making slurring or lisping. This can embarrass and distract you, as you’ll feel anxious about your dentures slipping or about how your voice may sound. Dental implants are a perfect solution for both these problems.

The bottom line
If you have missing teeth that affect your appearance and speech, consult an implant dentist regarding undergoing a dental implant procedure to smile confidently once again. Dental implants can also help prevent your teeth from shifting to fill a gap in your teeth line. And can aid in cavities and bone loss prevention.  


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