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Top 7 Ways Physical Therapy Can Positively Affect Your Health

Physical therapy is considered to be beneficial to people of all age groups. A pain relief specialist can help you treat many diseases, ailments, or injuries. From improved mobility to enhanced quality of life, there are countless ways physical therapy can be beneficial to you.

Keep reading to discover the top 7 ways physical therapy can positively affect your health and life.

1. Relieve or prevent pain
This is one of the main benefits of physical therapy. With the help of therapeutic exercises and manual therapy treatment, physical therapy specialists can help alleviate your pain levels and even eliminate the pain once and for all. Manual therapy procedures include joint and soft tissue mobilization, muscle energy techniques, and even long term back pain relief.

2. Alternate surgery
Of course, this benefit isn’t appropriate in every condition that requires surgical treatment: all the physical therapy in the world can’t help appendicitis or mitral valve disease. But if you suffer from muscle strain, physical therapy can relieve pain and help with recovery, potentially preventing surgery altogether. And even if you require surgical treatment, pre-surgery physical therapy may also help achieve fast recovery.

3. Increase mobility
No matter what your age or physical fitness is, stretching and strengthening exercises can help improve your range of motion. Especially for people relying on walkers, wheelchairs, or any other assistive device, a personalized treatment program created by a physical therapist can help reduce the strain and difficulties of moving.

4. Provide a stroke rehabilitation
Stroke patients commonly lose some degree of function and mobility. Physical therapists can help such individuals recover gait and improve the range of motion and also strengthen impacted parts of the body.

5. Provide sports injury recovery
Athletes are commonly subjected to a high risk of injury. Stress fractures dislocated bones, sprained ankles; pain management specialists rely on their knowledge of the body to develop proper rehabilitation or prevention exercise plans to help you achieve a fast return to your favorite sport.

6. Increase balance and help avoid falls
When you’ll start to undergo physical therapy treatment, you’ll be typically examined for fall risk. If this risk is high, a physical therapist will create a specific exercise program to help improve your balance. Other measures may be used to help increase coordination— recommending an appropriate assistive device for example. If the poor balance is caused by a vestibular disorder like vertigo, there are certain techniques that a specialist will perform to help reduce symptoms.

7. Manage diabetes and vascular diseases
People suffering from diabetes may experience numbness in their feet and legs. Pain relief doctor can help educate these people on proper foot care to prevent the situation from worsening. Physical therapy can also help maintain proper blood sugar levels.

8. Help cope with old age
Practically all body systems start to wear down over the years. Plus, diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis create new difficulties with everyday activities like housekeeping, cooking, or commuting. This situation gets only worse if you require joint replacement surgery. Luckily, physical therapy can help treat and eliminate many age-related diseases.

The bottom line 
Undergoing physical therapy may provide many benefits like relieving and preventing pain and discomfort, increasing mobility and balance, and managing diabetes and vascular diseases. In some cases, physical therapy can also be beneficial to prevent surgery. Physical therapists can also assist in stroke and sports injury recovery and help treat age-related diseases like arthritis and osteoarthritis. So don’t neglect your health and consider scheduling an appointment with a physical therapist ASAP. Remember that in-time treatment is essential to prevent further complications.  


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