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Davis Orthopaedics-Phoenix: Knee services

Knee pain is a common complaint, especially as patients age. There are numerous potential causes of knee pain. These include: soft tissue inflammation around the knee, such as bursitis or tendinitis; knee arthritis, where there has been irreversible damage to the cartilage within the knee joint itself; tears of the meniscal cartilage (the cartilage between the femur and the tibia); loose bodies within the knee joint. Occasionally, knee pain will present as what is known as “referred” pain – this means that although the mind senses that the knee is hurting, the actual cause of the knee pain is not the knee itself. “Referred pain” can come from hip arthritis, as well as a pinched nerve in the lumbar spine or lower back area.

Dr. Davis routinely sees and evaluates patients with knee pain to first help them discover the source or cause of the pain and then to develop a treatment plan to address the knee problem and objectively alleviate the pain.


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