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Davis Orthopaedics-Total Knee Replacement

In a total knee replacement surgery, the objective is to replace the damaged cartilage within the knee. The cartilage within the knee joint is replaced with a prosthesis made of metal and plastic. These artificial parts or implants allow the joint to move smoothly, so the patient experiences pain relief and a better quality of life. Knee replacement surgery, as the definitive treatment for knee arthritis, has become one of the most popular orthopaedic surgical procedures in the world. It is truly the only “cure” for knee arthritis.

The technique of knee replacement has and continues to evolve, with changes and new techniques being introduced on a regular basis. Dr. Davis has made significant adjustments and changes to the surgical process itself to improve both the early and long-term functional outcomes of knee replacement.

In his ongoing effort to deliver the best surgical outcomes, Dr. Davis has continued to seek other surgical technique improvements to benefit his patients. Efficient surgery, with minimized trauma to the tissues around the knee, allows Dr. Davis  to perform knee replacement surgery in the least invasive way possible- both physically and emotionally to the patient.


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