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4 Best Ways to Sell Your Car

Are you thinking of selling your car soon? You’re probably already aware that there are numerous ways to go about it. Each of them will greatly affect the final price you will end up getting. In order to make the decision of which method will work best for you, you need to know what your options are and what you can expect to get from each method of selling your vehicle. We are going to look at four different ways to sell your car and explain them in detail: 

1. Selling a car to a dealer

One of the easiest methods of getting rid of your car is to simply trade it in for another used or new car at your local dealership. The downside is that you’ll end up getting way less than you would through a private sale. But this options helps you avoid the hassle of trying to sell the car yourself like dealing with viewings and test drives. You can also simply sell the car to the dealership without a trade-in. Just don’t expect to get much for it this way. 

2. Selling a car privately

Selling your car privately is the most time-consuming method, but in most cases, it enables you to get the most amount of money. Here’s how to sell your car yourself: 

Advertise your car to the public. You can either place a ‘For Sale’ sign on the windows of your vehicle, list it in your local paper’s classified section, or advertise it on sites like AutoTrader and Craigslist. You can also give social media a try.

Create a detailed and honest description of your car and prepare all the necessary paperwork like your title and bill of sale. 

Promptly answer emails or calls from potential buyers. 

Arrange viewings and test-drives. 

Determine a safe way of being paid for the sale. 

3. Online car-buying sites

Today, there’s a constantly growing number of sites that will either sell your car for you or simply buy it from off you. They are very simple to use and many swear they are the best way to sell a car online. Just provide your car’s details on their website and get your quote within minutes. If you’re satisfied with their offer, most of them will come to you to double-check that the car matches the given information and will pick it up on the spot. 

However, be careful! Although these services will buy practically any car and make the process fast and easy, don’t expect to get a high offer. They make money by reselling your car so they obviously can’t pay the top dollar. That’s just the price to pay for convenience. 

4. Selling a car at auction

Selling your car at an auction is relatively quick and easy. One thing to keep in mind is that there’s no guarantee that your car will sell for the reserve price and you may get less than other methods of selling. The good news is that if it doesn’t reach the reserve price, you’re not obligated to sell. 


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