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5 Common Causes of Back Pain That You Should Know About

Millions of people suffer from back pain. It is the largest cause of disability in people under the age of 45, and it can be caused by a variety of factors. Approximately 80% of the population in the United States will experience back pain at some point in their lives, and Americans spend upwards of $50 billion every year treating it.

The pain may arise in the bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, or a combination of these structures. Back pain is also influenced by one's lifestyle. Back pain can be caused by anything from tissue injuries and poor posture to aging and psychosocial problems. Here is a list of five causes of back pain that you should know about.

1. Herniated or slipped discs
If your doctor notices it, this means that the soft tissue in the discs between your joints has ruptured. It is generally the result of normal wear and tears. Because the nerves in your lower back and hip are squeezed, herniated discs can lead to pain. 

If your pain is unbearable, your primary care physician may recommend an epidural steroid injection. Consult a spine surgeon if these treatment options don't help ease the pain caused by a herniated disc.

2. Poor posture
Slouching on a chair over a desk may result in muscular weakness that may cause pain in the region when stresses or inflammation occur. When a person slouches, gravity and the body exert pressure on the vertebrae, neck, discs, and ligaments. This pressure might cause pain and other issues over time.

In most cases, muscles may be trained to become stronger and more durable. This procedure begins with adjusting your sitting posture and taking regular breaks from your desk to move around and stretch. Exercise and using a standing desk may also help increase back strength.

3. Stress
Stress can play a key role in chronic pain. It has an effect on the entire body because it keeps it in a fight-or-flight condition. In other words, the body remains tight with only brief periods to relax and rejuvenate. As a result, your sleep cycles, digestive system, and back comfort suffer as a result of this stress or anxious state.

Allow your body to rest naturally, without tension or pressure. Make time for soothing or relaxing practices such as yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, or walking. All of these factors lead to a sense of calm or relaxation.

4. Tissue Injuries
Injury to the spinal structures, which can occur in the muscles, discs, or joints, is the most common cause of back pain on only one side. They frequently develop as a result of minor injuries and sports or a car accident.

Tissue injuries often lead to the development of pain in the center of the spine, although they can also cause discomfort on either the right or left side of the back. Muscle strains are the most prevalent cause of one-sided back pain among all tissue injuries.

5. Degenerative disc disease
Degenerative disc disease is a common cause of back pain. The discs between the vertebrae tend to dry out. Normal wear and tear, as well as an injury, can cause disc degradation. Someone may have severe disc disintegration but very minor discomfort, while the other person may have minor disc damage but severe pain.

The severity of the degenerative disc condition will determine the treatment plan. In most cases, the problem is not severe enough to require surgery. Before deciding on surgery, the doctor may suggest noninvasive methods such as heat and/or ice therapy, activity modification, pain medications, physical therapy, and epidural injections.


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