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5 Shocking Causes of Bleeding After Sex

After sex the last thing you want to see on the sheets is blood. This issue can be embarrassing and worrisome. Some spotting that appears occasionally is normal. If bleeding happens more than once you need to let your gynecologist know about it. While some causes of bleeding after sex aren’t dangerous, some of them are. If you notice red spots on your nad after sex, make sure to talk with your gyno to figure out what causes bleeding. 

Keep reading to discover 5 underlying conditions that may cause bleeding after sex. 

1. Bacterial vaginosis or a yeast infection

Bacterial vaginosis and yeast infection are the most common causes of bleeding after sex. About 90 percent of women experience these infections at some point in their lives. These infections cause inflammation and irritation which can trigger bleeding. Other typical symptoms of these conditions include changes in the color or scent of vaginal secretion and prolonged itching. 

2. Birth control side effect

One of the biggest benefits of birth control pills is the ability to regulate your periods. But in addition to all their benefits, birth control pills have some side effects. One of these side effects includes bleeding after sex. This usually happens when you start taking new pills. This issue can last for several months until the body adjusts to new pills. 

Sometimes birth control pills can cause more serious problems. They may lead to atrophy or drying up of the vagina. In this case, frictions irritate the vagina causing mild bleeding. If you suspect bleeding after sex caused by birth control pills, ask your gynecologist about other options. 

3. Fibroids

Fibroids are the benign overgrowth of the muscular tissue of your uterus. Up to 75 percent of all women will develop uterine fibroids during their reproductive years. They can be small like a seed or large like a pomelo. The symptoms of fibroids can range from mild to severe depending on their size. Sometimes, they can be absolutely asymptomatic and don’t require treatment. If fibroids appear within the uterine cavity they cause bleeding after the sex.

Fibroids can cause serious health problems when they become too large. Big fibroids press other pelvic organs worsening their work. In this case, you need to visit a fibroid treatment specialist. The doctor can suggest surgery to remove an outgrowth from your uterus. 

4. Sexually transmitted infections

Sexually transmitted infections cause many unpleasant symptoms including bleeding after sex. The bleeding can range from mild to severe depending on the type of infection. If infection leads to an inflammation of the cervix, the bleeding can be significant. Cervicitis(inflammation of the cervix) often develops because of infections like chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trichomoniasis. 

It is important to seek medical help even if you don’t have other symptoms. Women often do not have symptoms of STIs until the situation becomes critical. I left untreated, sexually transmitted infections can lead to blindness and other neurologic manifestations, infertility, mother-to-child transmission, or birth defects.

5. Cervical cancer

A lot of new cases of cervical cancer are diagnosed in the United States every year. This condition may cause many different symptoms, but bleeding after is one of the most common among them. Bleeding is usually mild and painless. Frictions during sex irritate the vascular tissue of cervical cancer and cause bleeding. 

If you experience continuous abnormal bleeding, you need to discuss it with your gynecologist. The doctor can suggest cervical examination, Paps, and HPV testing. It can be scary but give your doctor a chance to ensure your health. 

Bleeding after sex often indicates another underlying condition. Most of them are treatable if you receive timely treatment. Occasional spotting after sex usually resolves on its own without medical attention. If you’re postmenopausal or have other symptoms, notify your doctor about bleeding.


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