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5 Weighty Reasons To Visit a Dentist You Need To Know

Even though regular dental exams are essential for oral health, many people tend to avoid them until they face some unpleasant oral issues. You should know that most conditions that affect the oral cavity can be easily prevented or treated in the early stages. In this article, we have gathered five weighty reasons to visit a dentist you need to know about.

1. You have bad breath

Bad breath, also called halitosis, is a condition in which a person has an unpleasant odor of an exhaled air. This issue can be caused by different factors like the consumption of smelly food, poor oral hygiene, gastrointestinal issues, etc. 

If you have cavities or gum disease, you can also have bad breath. The reality is that the aforementioned conditions usually occur because of bacteria overgrowth. These bacteria produce acids and have an unpleasant odor. Don’t neglect regular dental check-ups to prevent the development of oral issues. 

2. You have cavities

Tooth decay is a condition in which a person has cavities in the tooth. It occurs when the bacteria in your oral cavity start to overgrow. Their vital activity results in increased acidity. You should know that an acidic environment tends to soften your tooth enamel and contributes to the development of cavities. 

Cavities can develop asymptomatically until the damage reaches the pulp (a soft layer of the tooth that contains blood vessels and nerves). In this case, you may experience a severe toothache. It is important to fill the cavity as soon as possible since untreated tooth decay can destroy the entire tooth.

3. You have bleeding gums

The most common causes of gum bleeding are injury and gum disease. In case of injury, it is important to visit a doctor to evaluate the damage and disinfect your oral cavity. If the injury is severe, you may need to treat your teeth and gums.

Gum disease is a dangerous condition that affects your gums. People with gum disease usually experience:

- Bad breath

- Gum swelling and bleeding

- Pain

- Increased sensitivity

If you have noticed at least some of the aforementioned symptoms, it is better to schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. Timely treatment of gum disease can prevent gum recession and tooth loss

4. You have a toothache

Some people think that toothache can occur only as a result of tooth decay. But the reality is that there are many oral issues that can make your teeth hurt. The most common of them are:

- Dental abscess

- Enamel wear

- Tooth fracture

- Broken fillings

- Teeth grinding

- Gum disease

Even though you can manage a toothache with the help of painkillers, it is essential to define the underlying cause of your condition. Visit your dentist to evaluate your condition and choose the most proper treatment. 

5. You have lost a tooth

A missing tooth is an extremely serious problem. However, many people tend to neglect it and let the neighboring teeth fill in the gap. But you should know that it can result in shifted teeth, facial asymmetry, problems with speaking, and difficulties while eating. 

It is essential to visit a dental implant center right after you have lost your tooth to avoid unpleasant consequences. The dentist will restore your tooth and you will be able to eat, speak, and smile without any problems.

The bottom line

Even if you don’t experience any symptoms, it doesn’t mean that you should skip the dental exam. Many oral issues develop without any symptoms and only a dentist can notice them and perform the precise treatment. 


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