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6 Alarming Reasons Why Your Wife Doesn’t Want To Have Sex With You

Sex is an important part of healthy relationships. When sex disappears from your marriage, it can be a quite disturbing symptom that something goes wrong. If you want to change the situation and improve intimacy in your couple, it is essential to find the underlying cause of a lack of sex. In this article, we have gathered six alarming reasons why your wife doesn’t want to have sex with you.


1. She doesn’t love you anymore

Unfortunately, love disappears if both of you don’t pay attention to your marriage. It is important to save a romantic mood and take care of your partner not only at the beginning of your relationships. 

Indeed, many women do know for sure that they don’t love their partners anymore. Most of them try to avoid sex because an emotional connection is extremely important for arousal and sex drive. 


2. She is too tired

If your wife has a work (or several), cook food, clean your apartment, and pay attention to your children, it is not surprising that she is too tired for sex. Even though women usually share their duties with men, they still have more responsibilities.

A lack of spare time can make a woman depressed and exhausted. It is important to let her spend time as she wants. Taking a bath without kids and having a cup of coffee in the morning in a quiet atmosphere can do wonders for her mood.


3. She has some health issues

Many women tend to hide information about their health issues. For example, there are a lot of conditions that can make her experience pain during intercourse. That’s why she can refuse to have sex. 

It is important to discuss this problem. In most cases, these health issues can be successfully treated. Don’t waste time and support your wife in treatment and recovery.


4. She suspects that you cheat on her

There are a lot of hints that can make your wife think that you can cheat on her. You may be late from work or have late phone calls. Some women even rush to the gynecologist to get tested for STDs if they suspect their husbands have a mistress.

Even if you really have a lot of work, she may not know about it. That’s why it is essential to have an honest conversation and discuss all the questions until they lead to quarrels and baseless accusations.


5. She works on her career 

Many women want to realize their ambitions and decide to focus on their careers. This is an excellent opportunity to earn money and to be a part of society. But a lot of work and constant stress can reduce sex drive and intimacy in your couple. 

If your wife is concentrated on her career and doesn’t pay attention to your relations, it can negatively affect both of you. It is essential to find a balance between work and personal life if you want to save your marriage and normal sex life. 


6. She has a heightened sense of smell

It may sound ridiculous but many women (especially during the fort trimester of pregnancy) have an increased sense of smell. This can make them avoid sex when their partners are sweaty or have another strong odor.

Additionally, some men don’t pay much attention to their personal hygiene and become surprised when their partners refuse to have sex. If your wife has a heightened sense of smell, you need to take a shower every time before sex. 


The bottom line

Being married doesn’t mean that your wife will always be with you. It is essential to support each other, discuss all the disturbing issues, and take care of each other. Only then your marriage will last forever. 


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