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7 Secrets for the Perfect Pedicure at Home

A pedicure isn’t just a beauty procedure. It can become a therapy and an art, depending on what you enjoy about it the most. Not only does it bring your feet to perfection, but it also helps you relax and feel like a queen. This procedure can be carried out in the salon or at home.

If you have problems that bother you, like bunions or ingrown toenails, your feet require the attention of a specialist. If you don’t have any problems with your feet, you can take care of them yourself. Knowing the basic rules of pedicure may be helpful, so it's not so difficult to get the perfect result at home. Here’s what you need to nail it.

1. Equipment
Every fashionista should have cuticle tweezers, a nail file, special scissors, and a nail brush. If you plan to cover the nail plate with a layer of colored or transparent varnish, you also need to buy finger separators.

In the process, you will also need a pumice stone, with which you can remove dead skin particles on the heels. These tools aren’t cheap, but they are worth the price. It is not necessary to buy a set at once; you can purchase all the necessary items separately. Pedicure accessories must be stored in a case and carefully looked after. After the end of the procedure, they must be dried and wiped with an antibacterial solution.

2. Pre-steaming the foot
The foot skin is subjected to intense friction, so it quickly coarsens. Before you start a pedicure, you need to have a foot bath. It will relieve fatigue, remove swelling and relax muscles. The bath will help you feel better in a matter of minutes, and quickly soften the skin of your feet. Sea salt, essential oil, liquid soap, or shower gel can be added to water.

3. Cleansing and peeling
If dead skin particles are not removed from the surface of the feet, they will look sloppy. Even when the nail plate is covered with a beautiful varnish, such negligence will reduce all efforts to zero. Dry areas are processed with a pumice stone and then with a ceramic-coated file. This tool has low invasiveness, which increases the safety of the procedure. You can prepare a natural abrasive scrub containing particles of sugar, salt, and ground coffee. As a moisturizing element, essential oils of almonds, shea, olives, and jojoba are used.

4. Correct order
A good result can be achieved only if the correct order of all steps is done. First, it is necessary to deal with filing and cutting the nail plate. Steaming should be done later. If you swap these two steps, you will not be able to create the correct shape from a soft nail.

5. Cuticle treatment
Cuticle cutting is not recommended. Instead, it is necessary to carefully move it away with a stick made of an orange tree and then remove it with a trimmer. After that, it is desirable to lubricate the skin area with nourishing oil, which has a softening effect. If the cuticle is not removed, this area of the skin can become inflamed due to the accumulation of dirt and bacteria.

6. Finishing the nail
Matte or glossy varnish gives the nail plate a well-groomed look. It should be applied after the nail is completely dry after steaming. If a pedicure is done using gel polish, the upper glossy layer should be carefully removed with a nail file with fine abrasiveness or a buff.

7. Daily care
It is very important to maintain a healthy condition of the skin of the feet and nails every day. If the color coating has broken off, you can refresh its layer. Just 5-10 minutes of care a day will help keep the feet in perfect condition.

It is recommended to apply a moisturizer or essential oil, followed by a relaxing massage. Foot lotion with a cooling effect will help relieve fatigue and reduce stress levels.


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