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7 Things That Will Increase Libido

Society is gradually moving away from the idea that sport is primarily needed for an aesthetic body. This is not the main reason to do it: being healthy, finding out what your body is capable of and taking care of it is much more important than what others think when looking at you. Another reason to devote time to physical activity - it will increase your sexual desire. But, how exactly does sports affect sex?

Things That Increase Libido

1. Increase testosterone: high-intensity interval training

The higher the testosterone level, the greater the sexual desire. Increase the production of this hormone by using high-intensity interval training. According to a study published in 2017 in the International Journal of Endocrinological Research, high-intensity exercise increases testosterone levels even more than endurance training. This is a good reason to add various squats and lunges to your activities.

2. Strengthen pelvic muscles: cardio

When you plan to pump yourself up, you often think about the buttocks, the press or the biceps, but many types of training involve another important area - the pelvic muscles. According to sex experts, any exercise involving the pelvic muscles is good for libido. 

The stronger this area is, the easier it is for you to get aroused and reach orgasm and avoid such unpleasant things as pelvic pain. You can strengthen the pelvic muscles by exercising the hips and abs. Another way is running since it increases the pressure on the pelvis.

3. Feel confident in any position: common exercises

Experimenting in bed is not necessary. But, if you and your partner like diversity, devote a little time to feel more comfortable in any position. Simple exercises - turning, stretching legs, and strengthening hands will help you and your partner to change poses and think more about pleasure.

4. Focus on pleasure: yoga

To get an orgasm, it is important to disengage from extraneous thoughts and relax as much as possible, and it is especially difficult for women to do. Yoga will help you learn to turn off stress and being in the moment. It also works on the consciousness: it soothes, develops attention to the body, and contemplation, and on the body: it tones up muscles, improves blood circulation, and eliminates clips.

5. Cheer up: walking

Only 20 minutes walking in the park can make us happier - this is the conclusion reached by scientists from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. And the fact that you want sex in a good mood is much easier than in despondency, you probably also noticed. Training in the open air with the onset of spring again become relevant. In addition, a walk on the street will be a great start to sex date.

6. Relaxing massage: strong libido

Only a hopelessly ill person or an impassable dumbass can object to a massage. It seems that everyone knows that massage helps to cope with stress, cellulite, poor complexion, etc. 

Ian Kerner, Ph.D., author of a book about women's charm and attractiveness, discovered another valuable quality of massage: it turns out that the touch of a massage therapist causes an enhanced production of oxytocin, a sex hormone, on which libido depends. What is interesting: even if the masseuse is a woman, oxytocin is still produced!

7. High libido and habit of eating - incompatible things

This is well known to all who have had sex at least once in their lives after a very hearty lunch. Yes, but you shouldn't go hungry! After all, a lack of folic acid and iron is the toughest regulator of libido! Not enough iron - no good sex.

But the power to increase libido can be approached more systematically. And adjust the menu so that no meditations are needed. And there will be no time left for a walk in the fresh air!


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