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8 Remarkable Health Benefits of Oak Bark

The beneficial properties of oak are actively used in folk and traditional medicine. Its leaves, acorns, buds, and bark are used in drug manufacturing. They contain many biologically active substances that strengthen the body and help cope with many diseases. Let’s figure out what diseases oak bark helps to prevent and how to use it.

What chemicals does oak bark contain?

  • It is due to its chemical composition that oak bark has its unique medicinal properties. It contains:
  • tannic acid, which has astringent properties;
  • pentosans, which have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body;
  • organic acids;
  • catechins, which help strengthen blood vessels and destroy pathogenic microorganisms;
  • pectins that cleanse the body of toxins;
  • vitamins B1 and C, which strengthen the immune system;
  • phlobaphenes - natural dyes;
  • quercetin, which has anti-inflammatory and antitumor properties.
  • Interacting with each other, these biologically active substances have a powerful complex effect on the body. Catechins help the body better absorb ascorbic acid, also found in oak bark. For this reason, it is often included in dietary supplements.

    Oak bark for dental health

    The oak bark contains pentosans, which have an anti-inflammatory effect. Its decoctions are used for rinsing in case of sore throat, as well as to relieve inflammation during stomatitis, after tooth extraction or dental implants setting.

    Astringents and antioxidants restore gum tissue density and strengthen tooth enamel. This helps prevent tooth loosening, bleeding, and sensitization. Tannic acid inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria, which helps to eliminate bad breath.

    Oak bark for feet health

    The substances contained in the bark have a complex effect on the microflora of the foot skin. They eliminate almost all possible causes of sweating and unpleasant odors, such as fungal infection, disruption of the sweat glands, active growth of bacteria.

    Oak bark for your hair

    Rinsing with a decoction of oak bark will reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands of the scalp. It also relieves inflammation and irritation, prevents dandruff and hair loss. In addition, the bark contains a natural dye that will give your hair a deeper color.

    It reduces bleeding

    Tannins, gallic acid, and flavonoids improve the regenerative abilities of tissues, thicken them, and have a hemostatic effect. They also eliminate external and internal bleeding in case of trauma, hemorrhoids, diseases of the genitourinary system, heavy menstruation in women.

    Gallic acid and catechins strengthen the walls of blood vessels and prevent the violation of the water balance in cells. Antioxidants prevent the formation of blood clots and reduce capillary fragility.

    Oak bark for gastrointestinal system

    Oak bark contains large amounts of pectins, which stimulate the intestines, normalize metabolism and restore damaged mucous membranes. Moreover, the astringent effect of tannic acid helps to eliminate dysentery.

    It is an infection killer

    Flavonoids contained in oak destroy pathogenic microflora, including fungus, streptococci and Staphylococcus aureus. This makes it an excellent remedy for intestinal infections, purulent sore throats, and oral diseases caused by microbial growth.

    It removes toxins

    The content of pectins in the bark of oak helps to eliminate toxins, salts of heavy metals from the body. This way it improves the functioning of the kidneys and liver. Oak bark also softens the effects of intoxication in case of poisoning. This effect is reached due to tannic acid, which envelops the intestinal mucosa, preventing harmful substances from being absorbed into the blood.

    Oak bark for the immune system

    Organic acids, flavonoids and pectins have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects. This is how oak bark prevents the spread of infections which give immunity stress. When taken orally, oak bark supplies you with vitamins C, B1 and proteins, which help to strengthen the immune system.


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