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Small Wedding: How to Organize?

Small weddings remain one of the main trends of 2023. If a decade ago a celebration of fewer than 50 guests was a rarity, today “small” weddings for 10-20 people are gaining more and more popularity among newlyweds. But, since this is a quite new trend, the chamber celebration raises a lot of questions. Well, if you are reading this article, then you have already found the answers to most of them!

Are you thinking about holding a mini-holiday only for the elite, but you are tormented by doubts? Yes, many (especially the older generation) treat chamber celebrations with incomprehension. However, in modern realities, this opinion is outdated. Often it is a small wedding that is perfect for many reasons. The popularity of chamber weddings is growing for good reason. The advantages of such a celebration are obvious:
- The holiday turns out to be much more sincere because you share it only with the closest people who know you well and hear only sincere congratulations. At a small wedding, you can calmly chat with each of the guests - no one will feel superfluous or deprived of attention.
- This is a good opportunity to save money without losing quality. Even with a below-average wedding budget, you can afford to hire excellent professionals and receive high-quality services.
- You can pay more attention to details and design, and use non-standard solutions in decor: for example, exclusive dishes and textiles, and high-quality floristry - even if all this is not much, the result will exceed expectations.

There are many more interesting options for organizing a holiday. If you are by nature reserved enough, you will not have to "step on the throat of your own song" and suffer from the presence of a crowd of half-familiar people.

It is also important to take more time for a photo shoot with just the two of you (minimum 2 hours) - these will be your favorite shots. Many people think that a wedding photographer is unnecessary for a small wedding. But the reality is that you invite only the closest people so it would be wise to have a picture with them on such an important occasion.

How to celebrate a small wedding?
With friends
If you are planning a youth holiday for a small company where everyone is well acquainted, then focus on mobility and extreme fun. The best option is a buffet instead of a banquet, live communication, and non-standard entertainment. 

For example, after the ceremony, go to the amusement park, where you will ride the carousel with the whole company and eat cotton candy. Or order a big limousine and drive around the city with friends and champagne (only do it off-peak hours). You can also rent a boat or boat. Finally, why not arrange a beautiful night ceremony on the roof, under the stars, and then continue the fun with friends in a trendy club?

With a family
If you have chosen a holiday only for relatives, arrange a beautiful ceremony, and then a cozy dinner with your family. Many brides make the same mistake when planning a family wedding: they make a very modest holiday, essentially no different from a regular birthday (casual outfits, no decor, dinner at home) But in the end, it turns out that there is nothing special to remember about such a wedding. 

Therefore, it is very important to give maximum solemnity to a family holiday. Don’t be stingy with outfits for yourself and the groom, have a beautiful on-site registration instead of a banal trip to the registry office, choose a small hall in a good restaurant where no one will bother you, and decorate it with flowers. The best option is to contact a good wedding planner who will think over the program of the day and help you create a real celebration and not an ordinary gathering.

With a mixed company
This is the case when you need to "please everyone" - relatives, friends, the older generation, and youth. Don't be scared: it's possible! If you are inclined towards traditional celebration options, then the best solution is a wedding in a cottage outside the city. There you can hold a ceremony, a festive banquet, and then the second day. And yes: at “mixed” weddings, a host is required, even if you have very few guests!


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