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Smart Ideas to Make Your Storefront More Attractive

The store starts from a properly designed storefront. It’s the statement of your store to the potential customers. Do you have something to say to them? Will it be interesting for them? If you know how to speak the language of images and associations, your customers will hear you.

Sometimes it’s not enough just to make a nice storefront with the best goods you have to make your store a place that attracts many people. the more people will come inside, the more chances they buy something. The decision about the purchase is a much more complicated subject than only a matter of actual need in a certain thing or food. It’s an emotional act - this is why people sometimes replace important things in their lives by excessive consumption.

Chase Their Emotions Not Their Wallets

Your goal is to appeal to those emotions and to make a potential customer WANT to buy your goods - he or she may need them badly or can go without them; a factor of need is something you can’t control and influence. But you can appeal to a customer’s desire to buy them. Do you know a better motivation than desire? Not a boring “I need” runs the world, but a passionate “I want”.


To make people want to come inside your store, you should use your storefront to create interesting and catching visual effects that will attract their attention. They may like it, the may not understand it and want to come inside to understand, they may even dislike it but still want to come inside - negative emotions also work with sales. The main thing is to catch their attention.

Storefront Decisions to Catch the Attention of People

A clean aluminum storefront is like a bare sheet of paper where you, an artist, will draw an emotion, situation, image, write a statement or call to action. Use it properly, and more people will want to come inside your store and see your goods.


Tell a story using mannequins, the best goods from your store and other details. This will look interesting and will create the impression of integrity. You can tell an entire story or mysteriously hide its end inside. 

Budget style

This design will require a lot of creativity but very few expenses. It means creating something interesting and special using old things from garage sales. In such designs, color combination and a story behind are the most important parts.


You can play with different details to create a witty picture. It can be kind and neutral or touch some edgy social topic (be careful with such topics not to offend anyone). If your target audience is young people, you can use popular Internet memes - they are recognizable and involving.


Bright and neutral, big and small, smooth and textured… Lovely contrasts attract the attention and create a nice aesthetic picture that will definitely be tempting bypassers to come in. 


References are very popular in all the spheres of art because they create associations and make us think of connection. This can be a reference to certain cultural phenomena or social event spoke over, or anything else - it’s up to you to decide.

Try these visual effects and your storefront will never stay unnoticed!


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