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Top 7 Bedroom Renovation Mistakes That You Can Avoid

Bedroom renovation is one of the most serious stages of finishing work in an apartment. After all, your daily well-being and mood will depend on how comfortable and healthy the chosen environment is. If you have a spacious apartment or a large house and you have chosen the right room for the bedroom, then it is not difficult to eliminate minor errors in the design of the room during renovation. However, if the apartment area is small, and the bedroom is cramped, narrow, or with poor sound insulation, then it is more difficult to correct defects in the interior, although it is possible to make improvements.

Mistake 1. Unsuitable interior design
The bedroom is your private relaxation area. When choosing a bedroom renovation design, first of all, be guided by your lifestyle and personal preferences and focus on your feelings of convenience and comfort. 

You can, of course, create luxurious palace decorations in a small bedroom, but will the owners feel comfortable there? For lovers of classic interiors, it will be uncomfortable to stay in modern bedrooms in the loft or high-tech style. It is not necessary to maintain the overall design style of the apartment.

Mistake 2. Wrong place for the bed
The best location for the bed is diagonally from the entrance. When installing the bed, please note that it must be accessible from both sides. It is not advisable to place the bed right near the entrance to the door or near the window, where there may be drafts. Try to install cabinets so that they do not hang over the bed. Also, if there are pieces of furniture at the head, it is better to arrange them symmetrically.

Mistake 3. Noise in the bedroom
When renovating a bedroom, be sure to carry out noise reduction work. If you do not provide sound insulation properly, street noise will always disturb you while you sleep. When planning rooms in your own home, place bedrooms away from the entrance, such as on the second floor. If it is impossible, it is better to install windows with good sound insulation. Search for "replacement home windows near me" and choose the best options for your comfort.

Mistake 4. Uncomfortable bed
If the area of the room does not allow for a full bed, purchase a sofa with a folding mechanism. However, be sure to get an orthopedic mattress to ensure comfort and relaxation. Please note that you need to place the bed so that there is a passage on both sides.

Mistake 5. Poor choice of color palette
It is known that color affects our mood; it determines how well we can rest and relax. For example, wallpaper and textiles in bright red shades quickly tire, while exclusively pastel shades evoke boredom. At the same time, it is important what temperament the owner of the bedroom has. 

Young and romantic people will be comfortable with a range of 2-3 delicate pastel colors. For others, it will be normal if the bedroom is decorated in gray tones with bright accents and patterns. In general, it is best to avoid strong contrasts in your sleeping room. A colorful carpet can visually reduce the area of space.

Mistake 6. Lack of fresh air
The bedroom should have the opportunity for regular good ventilation. It is also beneficial for the microclimate to use a humidifier. When purchasing bed linen, choose sets made from natural materials. They regulate body temperature well and help improve sleep quality.

Mistake 7. Extra pieces of furniture
Try not to clutter the bedroom with unnecessary furniture. If you have a lot of clothes and personal items, then buy a spacious wardrobe. A convenient addition to the sleeping area will be symmetrical bedside tables on the sides of the bed. Refuse to place a desk in the bedroom, as you should not combine relaxation and work areas.


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