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Top 7 Invisalign Aligners Facts You Need To Know

While misaligned bites can result in very significant problems, crooked teeth are frequently seen as only aesthetic issues. Uneven bites can cause early wear and tear as well as chronic jaw pain. Irregular areas can collect food leftovers, fostering decay and oral infections.

With several benefits over conventional metal braces, the Invisalign® system of transparent dental aligners can address the misalignment of teeth using a completely new approach. The look of the system may be its strongest allure. When you wae your transparent aligners, most people won't even realize you're getting orthodontic treatment.

One of the most popular oral health treatments available today, Invisalign, is virtually invisible, but that is far from its only intriguing feature. Here are some of the most amazing facts about Invisalign that you might not be aware of:

1. The inventor of Invisalign aligners wore traditional braces 
Zia Chishti received a retainer after getting his braces removed while attending Stanford. He then had the idea that a set of retainers may perform the same function as metal braces while also having the advantage of being removable.

Chishti created the system together with his partners and garnered interest from some significant companies in a matter of years. Invisalign was introduced together with the formation of Align Technologies in 1997.

2. It's healthier to have straight teeth
Everyone knows that having a pleasant smile makes you look good, but it appears 

that having straight teeth might really improve your dental health in general. Periodontal disease can result from crowded teeth because the gums may not surround the teeth firmly. Additionally, it is more difficult to clean crowded teeth at home and even during professional cleanings.

3. Your gastrointestinal health could also get better
Although you certainly already know that digestion starts in the mouth, you may not be aware that having straight teeth helps to jump-start the process. Teeth that are properly aligned are more effective at breaking down food during the crucial initial digestion phase.

4. Celebs prefer Invisalign aligners
Although most people assume teens need braces, there is still some stigma attached to adult braces. Of course, it doesn't imply there are no grownups who want to straighten their teeth or who require braces.

Even though they are scrutinized far more than ordinary people, several celebrities have secretly straightened their teeth with Invisalign. Among the celebrities that have opted for Invisalign are:
- Billie Eilish
- Khloe Kardashian
- Gisele Bundchen
- Justin Bieber
- Serena Williams
- Tom Cruise
- Oprah Winfrey

5. You are the main focus when designing Invisalign braces
One of the most important aspects of the Invisalign system is that each aligner is made specifically for each patient using cutting-edge technology. Your teeth will be carefully realigned using a set of aligners made from impressions and 3-D modeling.

The Invisalign provider will guide you at each stage of the process to ensure that you fully comprehend how the treatment works. The entire procedure is tailored to your own, distinct teeth.

6. The aligner may be removed
You can take off the Invisalign aligners, which is one of the main advantages it has over traditional braces. They must be worn for a minimum of a certain number of hours each day to provide wanted results. However, unlike traditional braces, you may take them off to eat or clean them.

7. A more pleasant straightening process 
Although functional, traditional braces can be painful for a variety of reasons. The braces must be tightened in order for them to function since the wires and brackets might harm the inside of your mouth.

Invisalign aligners are softer in contrast. Most patients first experience some discomfort, but it usually passes quickly. Because they are switched regularly, there is little possibility that the aligners will discolor your teeth the way metal braces may. There is also the minimal danger that the aligners will your gums or other oral tissues.


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